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Is Evidence Based Linguistics the Solution? Is Voodoo Linguistics the Problem?   The author's most recent paper, presented at the LACUS Conference, August, 2005, summarizing the faults of current linguistics and presenting a new overview for the future.

A Workshop in Evidence Based Linguistics.  Also presented at LACUS as a continution of the above: the Six Laws of Language & Linguistics, differential diagnosis and a measuring unit for language, and much more.

The following two book reviews deal partly or entirely with machine translation and can be assigned to either the "Linguistics" or "Translation" category.

Two German Books About Machine Translation, 1999.  Have there truly been any new advances in MT?  Or is the field merely marking time as a scholarly buzzword whose time has passed?

New Terminologies: Peaceful Immigrants or Invading Hordes?  A Review of Three New Books.  2004.  Contrasting Spanish and Chinese books on Internet terminology with a remarkable work about how Chinese truly handles language by a young doctor.


Some Major Dates and Events in the History of Translation.  The author's 2004 invited keynote address at the third conference honoring Saint Jerome at the Universidad de Veracuz in Xalapa, Mexico.

Translation as the Prototype of all Communication (Teaching Translation as a Form of Writing: Improving Translator Self-Concept)  A Gedanken-experiment proving that there is no significant difference between translating from one language to another and paraphrasing in a single language.

Hermes God of Translators and Interpreters: The Antiquity of Interpreting—Distinguishing Fact from Speculation  A "cleaned up" & more conventionally academic version of the Hermes essay presented at the NYU Translation2000 Conference.

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